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#10 Winery in Canada!

#10 Winery in Canada!

Well the National wine awards have just been released and I am pleased to announce we did very very well. You can follow the links below to see the results but in a nut shell we are the number 10 winery in Canada on their top 20 wineries list based on the results from the competition out of over 164 wineries entered. Even more amazing is if you look at the other 19 wineries we entered the fewest wines earning 5 medals out of 7 wines entered. Some wineries entered as many as 37 wines in the competition. To think we didn’t even enter our Micro Cuvee Chardonnay!!!.

Earning a Platinum for the 2011 McLean Creek Chardonnay means we were one of only 11 Platinum awards in Canada out of 1,100 wines submitted and one of only 2 Oaked Chardonnays so it is safe to say that the 2011 McLean Creek Chard is in the top 2 Oaked Chardonnays in Canada (not bad following the number one Oaked Chard in Canada last year)! We also received Gold for the 2011 Reimer Vineyard Pinot Noir of which only 4 Pinots in Canada received and 2 Silvers for the Tribute Chard and McLean Creek Pinot Noir! Even the OK Valley Pinot received a bronze.

I think this is an amazing accomplishment for how small we are and how long we have been around. All the results will be published in the Financial Post sometime this month and will sell quickly. We are also featured in Spurriers’ Choice in the September issue of Decanter and would suggest that we are the first and only Canadian wine to be featured in this highly esteemed column!

Thank you for your support,

JAK, Janice, Sydney, Kamryn and Bruce (the dog)