Our Philosophy

To produce the finest quality wines in the traditions of burgundy, we believe the wines are not made but grown. Each wine reflects the single vineyard of its origin, the soil, the meso-climate, the aspect and the people that hand tend the vines. Hand-harvested and hand-crafted, with great attention to detail and minimal winemaking intervention we take pride in each bottle of wine. Meyer Family Vineyards wines are produced from two main vineyards, the 1.62-hectare “Old Main Road” vineyard on the Naramata Bench and the 6.9-hectare “McLean Creek Road” vineyard in Okanagan Falls. We also work with passionate quality-minded growers in Kaleden and the East Kelowna area to round out our portfolio of terroir-driven wines.

Winemaker Chris Carson brings a wealth of global experience to Meyer Family Vineyards. His philosophy is to care for the grape on the vine and maintain as much as possible a hands-off approach in the cellar to allow the true expression of the terroir.

Our Vineyards

At Meyer Family Vineyards, we follow time tested philosophies, strategies and techniques to produce the finest quality wines. Each wine reflects the single vineyard of it’s origin, the soil, the climate, the slope.

Our carefully selected grapes are grown on two main vineyards:

McLean Creek Road Vineyard Okanagan Falls, British Columbia

This is our home vineyard where our tasting room & wine lounge are located. The vineyard was originally planted in 1994. It has a predominantly steep southerly aspect with the soil comprised of alluvial and glacial deposits making up a mix of gravel and sandy loams.

Varietals grown:

Chardonnay – 3.5 acres planted
Pinot Noir – 8.5 acres planted (*11 acres including Spring 2017 planting)
Gewurztraminer – 1.5 acres planted

Old Main Road Vineyard Naramata Bench, British Columbia

This vineyard is located on a terrace that has a gentle northerly aspect with the soil comprised of alluvial deposits making up a silt loam overlaying a clay loam. The vineyard was originally planted in 1996 with 100% Chardonnay vines. 

Varietals grown:

Chardonnay – 4 acres planted