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2011 Micro Cuvée Chardonnay 93+pts

2011 Micro Cuvée Chardonnay 93+pts

Meyer Family Vineyards 2011 Micro Cuvée Chardonnay receives 93+pts Liam Carrier, Read Liam Carrier’s review on here.

Our family owned “Old Main Road Vineyard” is located on a terrace on the famed Naramata Bench, BC. The vineyard has a gentle northerly aspect with the soil comprised of alluvial deposits making up a silt loam overlaying a clay loam. The fifteen year old vineyard is planted 100% with Chardonnay vines. The northerly aspects of the vineyard causes the vines to slowly ripen the fruit producing a greater spectrum of flavor while still retaining a good level of acidity and minerality.

Each year in vintages we believe to be worthy, we individually taste and select barrels that we feel stand out. During the blending we tasted 2 French Oak puncheon barrels made be Damy that stood out as exceptional. These two new French Oak puncheons were made up of one barrel from the Vosges Forest and one from the Troncais Forest. Blended together the two barrels created a truly special wine that demanded to be bottled on its own as a small batch or Micro Cuvée.

We hope you enjoy this rare and special wine – our ultimate expression of the Meyer Family Vineyards terrior.