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Micro Cuvée Chard Top White Wine in 2014!

Micro Cuvée Chard Top White Wine in 2014!

Thrilled to see our 2012 Micro Cuvée Chard on Chef Kristof Gillese‘s Top Wines and Spirits list for 2014! It ranked in the top 3 white wines next to Louis Latour 2010 Corton Charlemagne, Grand Cru from Burgundy and M. Chapoutier Chante-Alouette Hermitage Blanc from Cotes-du-Rhone, France!

Kristof says “… I never expected to find one of the best values in Burgundy in Canada. Ever. And yet here I am telling you that, after working with Maison Jadot only last year, if you want fantastic value in Burgundian precision, Burgundian elegance, Burgundian intellect focused behind a purely Canadian terroir …”

Scoring an incredible 93 Points here’s Kristof’s review of the wine:

“…this wine has the steely-minerality of Chablis and the lightly perfumed orchardfruit *(apples, pears) of Beaune: truly marvelous; I was impressed not only with the concentration, but with the sophistication. This is a special wine. This is a celebratory wine! It’s not just a wine to celebrate an occasion with but it also celebrates the Okanagan Valley, the Naramata Bench, and more specifically the Old Main Road vineyard. This is a site-specific wine that shouts out “I am from this place.” and, my friends, very few wines are as articulate as this. I smell the wine and I can smell the light scrub-brush on the hillside warming under a July sun… I can sense the little white and yellow flowers that dot the slope and the old apple trees gnarled with their years. When I taste this wine, I can taste the purity of the water flowing through rock, deep beneath the surface. And we should speak of food, n’est-pas? Freshly shucked oysters are a natural, as are most anything from the sea with a bit of fat… West Coast salmon would be divine, but not with Asian sauces as, in my experience, those seem to prefer Pinot Noir to Chardonnay. This should be on the “bucket-list” of anyone who truly loves the varietal and a must for those who profess that only Burgundy can produce Burgundian quality.”